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I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

And no, I lived male all my life until about three years ago when I found out that I was XX-chromosomed.  It seemed more appropriate to live that way.

We’re not dating

This older guy I know knows that I’m queer.  He hasn’t been out in months but he said the last time he was out that I was with my girlfriend and he didn’t want to interrupt.

Me:  My girlfriend?
Him:  That girl you were with.
Me:  Which one?  When?
Him:  You were with that one girl for a while.
Me:  Uhh… There was a super creepy guy out one night so I pretended we were best friends so she’d have a gal pal.
Him:  No, not that, the girl you were with.  The short-haired blonde.
Me:  Dude, no.  We went to school together.  We just still chat and hang out.
Him:  So she’s not your girlfriend?
Me:  No.  Nothing like that ever happened and I don’t think it will ever happen.  The closest word I could pick for us would be ‘sisters’.
Him:  Ohh

I’ve been every gender in the book but I’ve still not been able to understand why two straight girls could be out chatting and that’s fine, but two queer girls must be dating or partners or something.

It was just nice to see her because I hadn’t in a while.

Passing/bouncers/etc related things to going out for the night

Me:  You’ve never checked my ID.
Girl bar bouncer friend:  But I met you otherwise.  I don’t need to.
Me:  So you’ve never noticed the error on it.
Girl:  What error?

I hand over my ID.

Me:  See the error?
Girl:  No, this is valid ID.
Me:  Keep looking?
Girl:  Umm… hmm… ohhh!
Me:  Yeah, the part where it says “Sex: M”?  I didn’t file to change it because this thing actually allows me to marry a girl in a state without same-sex marriage.
Girl:  I never see that.  I look at birth year, expiration, picture and name.  Sometimes if I wonder then I’ll make sure the hologram and barcode look good.

Just some more advice for people whose chosen name doesn’t or can’t match the gender marker on their ID.

Also!  In the US I can have the gender marker changed on my passport because I have a disc of estrogen right here.  And I think (I hate to presume!) that because passports are actually international documents that you can do that anywhere.



Anonymous said: Hot peppers on pizza FOR. EVER. For ALL THE EVERS. Now you know! :)


Guy:  Trish!  You’re … pink!Me:  Yeah, I’m kinda having a pink day.Guy:  No, pink is good!  Be pink.
[Same conversation like four more times tonight.]
[Also recycled picture but I look the same.]

Guy:  Trish!  You’re … pink!
Me:  Yeah, I’m kinda having a pink day.
Guy:  No, pink is good!  Be pink.

[Same conversation like four more times tonight.]

[Also recycled picture but I look the same.]

Best transition story ever!

I can’t believe I forgot about this!  Or maybe I just never thought about it?

I was maybe six months on female hormones and my ex-fiancee comes back through town to visit.

There was a very gendered thing that we used to do in that whenever we would order sandwiches or burgers somewhere and they would put a dill pickle spear on my plate that the first thing I would do was to put it on her plate.

But now I’ve got this huge jar of pickles in my fridge.  I’m not a guy anymore.  I’m a girl.  And my female chemistry totally wants pickles.

My ex sees this and wants to take me out.  She orders some appetizers.

Her:  Hey, try this.
Me:  A pepper?  I don’t like peppers.
Her:  I know you’ve had these on sandwiches or pizzas or something.
Me:  [I bite into a whole pepper] Oh wow! This is awesome! [nom nom nom]

She picks up another and insists I’ll like it.  Pickled artichoke hearts?  WTF?  But she says to try it.  [nom nom nom]  OMG It’s good!

Everything was good that night.  And the best thing that was good?

The person who knew me best in the whole world accepted me and helped to show me what I really am.

Yes, I am female.

Thambos had some additional commentary on the post I made, because I still have limited views on FTM identities.  Check it out.

MTF people have limited identities to work on.  It’s basically this super-masculine thing or you have the kinda homo/metro identity thing.

But FTM people have things like ‘tomboy’ and ‘butch’ before people will accept them as male.  I lack the ability to comment on these and I trust that my friends will be able to answer questions on these kinds of comments.

So please, if people allow questions, then question them.  These people are open to help you understand yourself.

Accepting yourself

There’s a young trans* girl that I’ve been mentoring for a while now.

[I’m pretty sure this works both ways]

Her:  I don’t know what to tell my family.
Me:  Girl, you’ve already decided.
Her:  But my therapist said…
Me:  Therapists read books.  They don’t know you.
Her:  But she said I should…
Me:  Do you think the average guy wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Hey, maybe I might be a chick?”
Her:  Not really.
Me:  So you already know, but right now you’re just accepting it.
Her:  Oh… hmm… yeah…

Niece’s pillows

I’d spent the first time with my niece who was then about four weeks old.  I put her in my lap but then she got fussy.

Me:  What do I do?
Sister:  I think she wants to be held up.
Me:  Up?
Sister:  Put her against your chest.

[I try that and my niece quiets up.]

Me:  Yes, I have pillows attached to my chest!  Cuddle up!

[To my sister]

Me:  Is it because she can hear my heart?  I’ve got these pillows attached to me but I’m not sure what she wants.
Sister:  Me neither, just keep trying until you figure out what she wants.

So these freaking annoying things on my chest now are finally good for something.  Because otherwise they’re a real pain in the ass.

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