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Anonymous said: I am intersex (complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, so I have no problems passing as a cis woman). However, I am intersex, NOT cis, even if I do happen to have a condition that makes it so most people assume I am a cis woman.

I want to be out of the closet about it, but I can't. You see, my little sister has the same condition and has begged me not to come out about it since she isn't ready.

I get so mad when people just assume I am cis and I'm frustrated about life. Anyway, I just wanted to vent to someone and see if you had any thoughts. Thank you for your blog, I love it.

one of your followers

I don’t have an answer really other than this.

I didn’t know I was intersex.  I was raised to believe I was a straight guy.  I totally used my cis privilege.  As a male, I used my cis voice to advocate for women’s access to reporting places and birth control and such because my male voice was louder.  As a straight person, I used my cis voice to advocate for safe spaces and equal rights because my straight voice was louder.  Now I’ve lost all that.

Sometimes when I say I’m intersex people ask for my pronouns which really drives me nuts.  It’s all she/her and then suddenly my cis female privilege is gone.  More often than that is that people have seen me transition and then I say I’m intersex and get put in to a cis role.

Then what happens when I finally get around to getting tested to see what I really am?  If it comes back XX, am I cis then?  Was I not cis before?  What if it comes back that I’m a mosaic?  Am I half cis?

It’s cool to vent because there’s just no answer for us.  Really the other option is trans, and that’s not even close.  I hate that I say I’m intersex and people ask “When’s the surgery?” and anymore I just answer with “30 years ago!  When’s yours?” because I’m just so over the assumption that me being not cis means I’m transgender.  I didn’t really pick that.  I just took a pill and my body decided to give me a nice ass and some perky tits.

Sorry to kinda answer your vent with another vent but I really don’t have an answer.


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